Contrary to Feminised Sativa Cannabis seeds, Feminised Indica Cannabis seeds produce stocky, dense buds. This variety is short and squat, with dense branchage, big leafs and tight buds. Its structure is great for preserving water which makes this plant a perfect choice growing in dry regions of low humidity and rainfall, where this plant precisely comes from. Indica plants also take way less time in flowering than Sativa varieties do.

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  • Feminized Nordic White Widow
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    Nordic White Widow

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    AK47 is a sativa dominant strain bred by Serious Seeds in 1999. AK47 is a complex mix between Colombian, Mexican, Thaï and Afghani strains. Since the 90s, AK47 has been awarded in multiple cannabis cups. With it’s earthy, pungent, sweet and wood-like flavours it can overwhelm your senses.. Also, AK47 is a  good strain for medical use, that may help against tiredness, pain and stress …

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