RDWC systems allow growing top quality plants indoors effortlessly, combining innovative technology with classic deep water culture methods. ALIEN® RDWC, recirculates deep water culture systems, providing excellent results, fast vegetation times and high plant yield, reducing growing time and increasing profit.

RDWC hydroponic system works using the quietest JET-STREAM™ A.I.R™ pumps to increase oxygen delivery to the plant’s roots submerged in the nutrient-rich water. The pump also features a double damping system for noise absorption, and the twin air chambers provide a large quantity of air at an intense pressure to the Air Rings ™ while retaining low noise and wattage. With a large volume of nutrient solution in the system, growers just need to maintain the PH and EC levels.

RWDC hydroponic system’s fittings are threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts, making system installation and relocation easier.

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