Royal Queen Special Queen #1 Feminized

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Special Queen 1 is the classic Skunk hybrid offspring of Skunk and Power Bud, offering ease of growth and a classic skunky stone at a reasonable price. Ideal for beginners and commercial growers, this strain delivers a sativa-dominant, mentally uplifting high with generous yields.

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Special Queen 1, a testament to the classic Skunk lineage, emerges as a robust hybrid born from the fusion of Skunk and Power Bud genetics. Rooted in the cannabis breeding fervor of the ’90s, this strain embodies the quintessential traits of the renowned Mexican, Colombian, and Afghan hybrid, becoming the cornerstone of many European marijuana plants. Royal Queen Seeds’ deliberate fusion of Skunk and Power Bud produced a strain that epitomizes the ease of cultivation, minimal stretch, and an impressively swift harvest cycle of 8-9 weeks. This hybrid thrives both indoors, displaying a manageable stature of 1.5 meters, and outdoors, where it reaches heights over 3 meters, showcasing its adaptability even in cooler northern climates. Special Queen 1 rewards cultivators with abundant buds spread across the plant, promising substantial yields for a predominantly sativa strain, making it a prime choice for beginners and commercial growers alike.

With an indoor harvest averaging 500g per square meter under a 600W light and outdoor yields surpassing 550g per plant, provided with essential nutrients and balanced watering, this strain offers excellent value in feminized seeds. Its low-maintenance nature and adaptability to various cultivation techniques, including hydroponics and soil setups, position it as a favorable contender for large-scale commercial operations. Special Queen 1 encapsulates the classic skunky experience, delivering a predominantly cerebral high that relaxes even the most anxious consumers, offering an exceptional balance of quality and affordability in the world of cannabis cultivation.

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