Royal Queen Sweet ZZ Auto Zkittlez Feminized

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Sweet ZZ Auto, also known as Zkittlez Auto or Skittles Auto, stands out among autoflowering strains for its exceptional potency, taste, and yield. A cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit, this strain offers a potent indica high, tantalizing aroma, and a rapid growth cycle.

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Sweet ZZ Auto, a pioneering strain in autoflowering genetics, astounds growers with its exceptional potency, taste, and bountiful harvests. Born from the union of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, this strain, also known as Zkittlez Auto or Skittles Auto, combines the best traits of both parents. It’s an autoflower that satisfies both beginners and seasoned growers, marrying ease of cultivation with yields that rival photoperiod strains.

The meticulous breeding process involved pairing Zkittlez for its renowned taste, aroma, and indica-leaning effects with Diesel Auto, chosen for its autoflowering traits and sweet intensity. The result, Sweet ZZ Auto, embodies the epitome of autoflowering genetics, boasting an 18% THC concentration that delivers a profoundly relaxing and body-stoning high, making it an ideal choice to unwind and escape. Caryophyllene and humulene terpenes add spice, pepper, and hoppy notes, enhancing the strain’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic potential.

Sweet ZZ Auto doesn’t just impress with its effects and terpene profile but also with its yield and growth cycle. Expect a dense canopy of mature buds within a rapid 75-day growth period, reaching a height of about one meter. Indoor cultivators can anticipate yields of up to 400g/m², while outdoor growers will be rewarded with robust harvests of approximately 160g per plant.

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