V-SYSTEM™ are designed to help you grow with brand new technology, a highly oxygenated RDWC system that will give the healthiest root zones and massive yields. The water flow creates a whirlpool that oxygenates the fluid content of the entire pot, rather than just the area around the air source. No matter where your roots are growing in the pot, they will receive the highest oxygen levels to grow exceptional crops.

58 ltr V-SYSTEM™ pots can hold giant root zones allowing for huge plants and higher yields. Also, the pot’s sloped shape enables drainage to the entire system, providing the freshest water at all times.

Unlike other hydroponics systems, the V-SYSTEM’s™ JET-STREAM® Vortex water pump is located outside the header pot, so less heat is transferred to the fluid. Cooler water temps lower chances of root rot and other pathogens.

Ultra-wide, customization length, 5” tubing and the Vortex pump create a free-flowing system that simultaneously injects each pot with nutrient solution. Whether you have a 4, or a 20 pot system, the nutrients supplied to your plants will be equal in every pot, giving you a consistent crop.

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