Royal Queen Triple G Auto Feminized

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Triple G Auto, a potent autoflower, marries high THC levels with a delightful terpene profile, delivering intense body highs accompanied by a complex fusion of earthy, candy, and chocolate flavors. Ready in a swift 10–12 weeks from seed to harvest, this strain ensures a substantial yield indoors and outdoors.

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Triple G Auto emerges as a powerhouse among autoflower strains, boasting high THC levels comparable to many photoperiod strains while offering a complex terpene profile that tantalizes the taste buds. Falling under the USA Premium category, this cultivar stands out as one of the most potent autos available, captivating both beginners and seasoned users alike with its swift growth and exceptional characteristics.

A result of crossing Royal Gorilla x Green Gelato, known as the original Triple G, the breeders aimed to replicate its exquisite taste and effects while drastically shortening the growth cycle. This was achieved by introducing Big Skunk Auto, a robust autoflower strain, leading to a genetic composition of 80% indica, 15% sativa, and 5% ruderalis in Triple G Auto.

Expect an immediate and intense body high from Triple G Auto, thanks to its THC content reaching 20%. A few inhalations will usher in a wave of relaxation accompanied by a euphoric uplift. The strain boasts a rich palette of flavors including earthy undertones alongside hints of candy, chocolate, and Skunk, providing a sensorial experience with every hit.

In terms of cultivation, indoor plants reach heights between 60–120cm and yield up to 500g/m². Outdoors, they stretch a bit taller, reaching heights around 140cm, producing a generous harvest ranging from 75–140g/plant. Impressively, this strain races from seed to harvest in a mere 10–12 weeks, ensuring a quick turnover for growers.

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