ONA Block Fruit Fusion 170g


ONA Block Fruit Fusion 170g is sure to leave your grow room smelling fresh and clean, without compromising the health of your plants or the environment.

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ONA Block Fruit Fusion 170g is a must-have product for growers looking to eliminate unwanted odors from their indoor gardens. This powerful odor neutralizer is made from natural ingredients and is specifically formulated to combat fruit and vegetable odors.

The ONA Block Fruit Fusion 170g is easy to use and provides long-lasting odor control. Simply place the block in your grow room or any other area with unwanted odors, and let it do its magic. The block will continuously release its active ingredients into the air, neutralizing any unpleasant smells and leaving your grow room smelling fresh and fruity.

Unlike other odor neutralizers, ONA Block Fruit Fusion 170g is safe for you and your plants. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or harmful additives, making it an ideal choice for growers who prioritize the health and well-being of their plants.

So, if you’re a grower looking for a safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted fruit and vegetable odors from your indoor garden, look no further than ONA Block Fruit Fusion 170g.

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