Mammoth, WebIt Large 120-150


This supporting net from Mammoth is perfect for all sizes of plants!

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Mammoth Web is an adjustable and sturdy plant support netting that will easily bear the weight of even the heaviest fruits and flowers. This will help you to separate the flowers to maximize the light on your plants. Elastic tension net suitable for plant support and SOG cultivation. An irreplaceable helper, an absolute necessity for taller and climbing plants. It is easily washable and comes with connection hooks that fit up to three different size poles. Therefore, the Mammoth Web easily supports growing plants and allows you to optimize your grow room.


Adjustable and sturdy plant support netting
Allow support and control needed for plants to flourish
Strong and flexible rope
Completely reusable and quite stretchy
Easily washable
Fits tents 120-150 (4ft to 5ft)
It comes with connection hooks
It can be used for a variety of plants

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