Grodan, Rock Wool Cube Tray 28mm x 150pcs


Grodan Rock Wools special fibers enables your plants to absorb large amounts of nutrients!

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Grodan Rock Wool Cubes are a perfect starting medium for your seeds, seedlings, cuttings and/or clones. You can also use it all the way if you want, it can be used in hydro systems or also be transplanted directly into soil or cocos. Rock Wool has a high pH value, therefore it is very important to soak them in PH balanced water. The recommended pH value is between 5.3 – 5.5. Grodan Rock Wool is made of fine fibers that are spun from molten rock and then compressed into cubes. These special fibers enables your plants to absorb large amounts of nutrient solution while still having a good structure structure for faster growth.

* Made of fibers for good structure and support
* Enables your plants to easily absorb nutrients
* Perfect starting medium
* Easy to transplant into other mediums
* This Rock Wool Tray contains a plastic board with 150pcs of 28mm cubes

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