Canna, Terra Professional, Soil – Pallet 60x50L


Pallet with 60 pcs of CANNA Terra Professional Soil 50L.

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Canna Terra Professional is a nitrogenous mixture for growing pottingplants. Your plants will enjoy a nitrogenous mixture. Canna Terra Professional is different from what you find in a garden center. It contains a mixture of peat moss, compost, worm castings, perlite and a special “natural plant booster” which is a mixture of organic ingredients.

You can use it whether you’re going to grow indoors or outdoors.

Advantages of CANNA Terra Professional:

* Exclusive, high quality organic ingredients like airy peat moss
which prevents diseases. These ingredients also promote
root development and form thicker strains.
* Faster metabolism combined with low disease ensures one
increased production.

* Pallet with 60 pcs of CANNA Terra Professional Soil 50L




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