Canna Terra Professional Plus soil 50L

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Canna Terra Professional Plus was developed to create the purest soil mix possible and at the same time get the best effect with the Canna Terra nutrients.

Advantages of Canna Terra Professional Plus:

* Exclusive, high quality ingredients like airy peat moss and various
  types of tree bark (as perlite replacement) are components of Canna
 Terra Professional Plus. They have an antiseptic effect and increase
 aeration quality. This is for root development and the formation of
 thicker tribes.

* Canna Terra Professional Plus contains special nutritional mixes
  which has all the elements that the plants need during their first week,
  which means that there is no need for additional nutrition during that

* The medium is also pH-adjusted for long-term control with a calcium
charge which is big enough to last a whole cycle.

* The soil contains a basic reason of mineral nutrition which means you
only re-fill with the nutrients from Canna Terra when needed.

Volume: 50L

Weight 0,1 kg

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