Royal Queen Medical Mass CBD Auto Feminized

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Medical Mass is an award-winning 1:1 THC:CBD strain with big yields of resinous buds indoors and out. This easy grower finishes flowering in 10-11 weeks.

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Medical Mass is an award-winning CBD hybrid combining genetics from renowned medical strains like Royal Medic and Critical Mass. With an almost 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, it provides balanced therapeutic effects along with large yields. Medical Mass has a rich, honey-like sweetness and complex aromas.

As a descendant of Critical Mass, Medical Mass is easy to grow, staying short indoors at 60-100cm tall while yielding 500-550g/m2 in 10-11 weeks. Outdoors it can reach 1.5 meters tall, delivering up to 550g per plant. Its compact size makes it perfect for indoor growers with limited space. Medical Mass’ high CBD levels, balanced effects, and large yields of sugary buds make this an ideal strain for both indoor and outdoor growers seeking medical relief.

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