ONA Block Fresh Linen 170g


The ONA Block Fresh Linen 170g can be used repeatedly anywhere.

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Thanks to sophisticated combinations of essential oils originating from vegetables, ONA air fresheners neutralize almost all odors and are simultaneously environmentally friendly. ONA Block Fresh Linen 170g don’t just cover the odors, they actually neutralize them. The ONA odor neutralizer itself, has only a very light and unobtrusive odor and eliminates all disturbing odors completely. After use, only a clean and fresh scent remains.

Application: The ONA Block Fresh Linen can be used repeatedly anywhere. Simply place the 170 g block, which comes in a double-walled plastic box, in the spot where odors need to be easily and discreetly neutralized, for example in sports bags, cars, bathrooms or grows. After removing the lid, the ONA air freshener neutralizes all odors for about four weeks. If you need less neutralization power, drilling several holes into the lid, works as well. As a result, you can increase the service life of the ONA odor neutralizer.


* Fragrance: Fresh Linen
* Content: 170g

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