Mammoth Propagator 90

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Mammoth Propagator 90 is a small germination and propagation tent, ideal for maintaining mother plants, germinating seeds, propagating clones, or growing small plants. The Mammoth propagator is coated with a lightweight material resistant to heat, oil, and moisture. Inside, the tent is covered with a layer of silver that ensures a high intensity of light and 100% of light reflection.


Size: 90*60*60cm
Grow Area: 0.54 m²
Material: 190D silver, single layer
Reflection Percentage: 95%
+ tube cross-section frame material: steel, 16 mm
Couplers Material: Plastic
Number of doors: one in the front
number of ventilation windows + Dimensions: 2, 30x20cm
Equipped with water tray: Yes, removable
Wire: 1x 76mm
inlet diameter:. N.v.t
outlet diameter: 1x 152mm
Cool tube diameter:. N.v.t
Weight: 3.6kg
16mm diameter toothpick



Weight 0,1 kg


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