Mammoth Propagator 125

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Mammoth Propagator 125 is a germination and propagation tent, ideal for maintaining mother plants, germinating seeds, propagating clones, or growing small plants. The Mammoth propagator is coated with a lightweight material resistant to heat, oil, and moisture. Inside, the tent is covered with a layer of silver that ensures a high intensity of light and 100% of light reflection. This model includes steel frames where we can maintain the humidity between 70% and 80% without complications, humidity, and a temperature around 20ºC.

Size: 126 x 62 x 123 cm.
Volume m3: 0.96.
Fabric material: 190D Mylar.
Front doors: 1.
Rear doors: 0.
Side doors: 0.
Windows: 0.
Tray: Racks included.
Power input: 1 x 203 mm.
Ticket for Cooltube: 0.
Structure material: Steel.
Corner material: PP copolymer.
Structure diameter: 16 mm.
Hangers: 0.
Hooks: 0
Straps: 0.



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