Gold Label, Ultra Enzyme

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Clean your plants natural environment with extra enzymes with Ultra Enzyme from Gold Label!

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Gold Label Ultra Enzyme is a highly concentrated high quality additive based on natural enzymes. Enzymes are natural and help process organic rest materials and convert them into beneficial materials and make room for new root development. With this enzyme additive you can make sure that your plants have a clean and beneficial environment, they work like cleaners and recyclers of your medium.

* You can use this Gold Label Ultra Enzyme in all type of mediums and substrates with any base nutrient
* The enzymes converts unwanted plant material to material that benefits your plants
* Cleans the substrate in order for your plants to thrive and produce amazing flowers and fruits
* Keep out of reach for children
* Storage between 5-25°C
* Dosage in the veg. phase 0,25-0,5ml/L water and in the flow. phase 0,5ml/L water

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