Gavita Master Controller EL2F Gen2


Control your growing climate easy with Gavita Master Controller EL2F Gen2, up to 1000 lights at the same time!

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Gavita Master Controller EL2F is a very helpful tool for your crop. This controller can control the light, the heat and the climate in your growing area. It fits with many of Gavitas fixtures and is very easy to use. Most problems that occur in growing indoors come with too much heat or humidity which this controller can help you prevent. The Gavita Master Controller EL2F can also control up to 4 fans, it has integrated, smart fan control.

The first important function is that you can choose if you want to dimmer or boost your lights manually or automatically between 50%-115% strength. There is also a function that fakes sunrise and sundown automatically so you can prevent problems with mold and humidity problems that can occur with just shutting on or off your grow lights.

With Gavita Master Controller EL2F you can set the temperature that you want in the area and the controller will automatically dimmer and higher the lights it has an even temperature.

Another very important function in this Master Controller is that it has an emergency stop. This means that if the temperature rises to a limit that will harm your plants that is beyond control it will shut the whole system down and everything that is connected to it off. There is also a contact alarm that you can connect to an alarm system that will notify you immediately if an emergency stop has occurred.

The Gavita Master Controller ELF2 is easy to install, has double temperature sensors if you want to control two rooms at the same time and is CE certified. It is able to control up to 80 lights/fixtures at the same time (80 in one room or 2×40 in 2 rooms) or with the Repeater Bus Control up to 1000. This controller can also control up to 4 fans and has a 3 year warranty.

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