Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2


Control up to 500 lights and 2 fans with Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2!

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If you’re a grower looking for a lighting system that can help you achieve maximum yields and optimal plant growth, the Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2 is an excellent choice. This advanced controller is specifically designed to work with Gavita electronic ballasts, making it a perfect match for their high-quality lighting systems.

The EL1F Gen2 offers precise control over your lighting schedule and intensity, allowing you to create the ideal spectrum for your plants at every stage of growth. With the ability to control up to 40 lights with a single controller, you can easily manage your entire grow room and adjust your lighting to match your plants’ needs.

One of the key benefits of the EL1F Gen2 is its ability to maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels. This is essential for creating an optimal growing environment for your plants, and the EL1F Gen2 makes it easy to monitor and adjust these factors with its intuitive interface.

The EL1F Gen2 also offers advanced features such as sunrise/sunset simulation, which can help improve plant growth and reduce stress during transitions between light cycles. Additionally, the controller can be connected to a CO2 sensor, allowing you to precisely regulate CO2 levels in your grow room.

Overall, the Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2 is an essential tool for growers looking to maximize their yields and create the perfect growing environment for their plants. With its advanced features, intuitive interface, and compatibility with Gavita lighting systems, it’s a top choice for growers looking to take their yields to the next level.

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