Dutch Passion CBD Charlotte’s Angel Auto Feminized


3 seeds package of CBD Auto feminized Charlotte’s Angel is an easy to grow CBD-rich autoflower with 10-15% CBD and <1% THC. She has a fruity, earthy aroma and provides a relaxing, soothing effect without the high. Her vigorous growth allows multiple outdoor harvests per season.

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CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel is a CBD-rich autoflower with a complex, pungent aroma of citrus, pine and earth. She has a high CBD content averaging 10-15% and less than 1% THC, providing soothing relaxation without psychoactivity. This sativa-dominant strain grows into a medium height plant with long branches and foxtailing buds coated in sticky resin.

A cross between CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Compassion Lime, CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel is robust and easy to grow even for beginners. She takes about 13 weeks to mature indoors, allowing time for large yields up to 500g/m2. Outdoors she thrives in warm climates with multiple harvests per season. Her relaxing mental and physical effects make CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel perfect for mixing with THC-rich strains or using alone for CBD consumption.



Dutch Passion

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