Dutch passion Auto Lemon KIX Zkittles Feminized


3 seeds package.

Auto Lemon Kix feminized autoflower seeds are easy to grow and produce a potent, fruity strain with high THC levels (>20%). In just 12 weeks from seed to harvest, you’ll enjoy an abundant XXL yield of aromatic, sweet, and citrus-like buds. Perfect for both beginners and experienced growers, Auto Lemon Kix delivers a long-lasting, uplifting high.

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Auto Lemon Kix feminized autoflower seeds offer a hassle-free growing experience, making them suitable for growers of all skill levels. This sativa-dominant strain boasts a robust THC content (>20%) and delivers a fruity and citrus-like flavor profile that’s hard to resist. In a short 12 weeks from seed to harvest, you’ll be rewarded with a bountiful XXL yield of resinous and aromatic buds.

With its straightforward cultivation process, Auto Lemon Kix has gained a strong reputation among growers. The strain’s slender leaves and extended branches allow for optimal light penetration, resulting in compact and high-quality buds. This autoflower provides a unique and flavorful cannabis experience, along with a potent, long-lasting high. Whether you’re new to growing or an experienced enthusiast, Auto Lemon Kix offers a delightful journey from seed to harvest, delivering a sweet and fruity cannabis experience that’s hard to match.



Dutch Passion

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