Dutch Passion Auto Durban Poison Feminized


7 seeds package of Durban Poison feminized seeds – a classic and renowned strain cherished for its enduring genetics. With its robust and straightforward cultivation, Durban Poison is the ideal choice for both novice and experienced growers. Expect vigorous plants, dense buds, and a distinctive terpene profile, delivering a long-lasting Sativa experience that sparks creativity and productivity.

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Durban Poison feminized seeds offer a hassle-free growing experience, making them a great choice for beginners and experts alike. These seeds come from South Africa and have been carefully bred over the years to withstand various weather conditions, whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors. The plants are known for their toughness and vigor, producing dense buds with a unique terpene profile that includes hints of spice, lemon, and more.

When it comes to effects, Durban Poison delivers a strong and uplifting Sativa experience, perfect for staying productive and creative throughout the day. It won’t make you feel self-conscious or paranoid. Plus, with yields ranging from 450 to 650 grams per m2, you can expect a bountiful harvest of high-quality cannabis. Whether you’re new to growing or a seasoned pro, Durban Poison is a reliable and straightforward choice for your cannabis garden.



Dutch Passion

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