Dutch Passion Auto Duck


3 seeds package of Auto Duck. Its a robust, camouflaged autoflower with uniquely shaped leaves that provide natural disguise. She has an earthy, floral aroma and finishes flowering fast in 11-12 weeks indoors. Her balanced, mellow high is ideal for daytime use.

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Auto Duck is a uniquely disguised autoflower with odd, webbed leaves that resemble a duck’s foot. This provides natural camouflage, hiding her appearance as a cannabis plant. She has a subtle, earthy aroma with fruity, citrus, mint and pine notes. Her buds are lightly frosted with resin.

A cross between Frisian Duck and Auto White Widow, Auto Duck is very robust and can tolerate cold climates. She remains compact in stature around 50-75cm tall. Indoors she ripens in 11-12 weeks, slightly longer outdoors. Her foxtailing buds resist mold well. Auto Duck has average yields up to 100g per plant. Her balanced cerebral high with relaxing effects is mild in strength, ideal for daytime and social occasions. For stealthy urban grows, Auto Duck offers hardy genetics and a discreet presence.



Dutch Passion

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