Canna Mono Fe+ Iron Chelate 1L

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Canna Mono Fe+ gets absorbed directly by the plant.
Can be mixed with any nutrient and is stable at all ph levels.
Can be used to aid iron deficiency or as a complement to stimulate growth and bloom.

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Iron is an essential nutrient for the plant, including iron plays a role in chlorophyll and a starring role in photosynthesis.
It also has a major influence on physiological processes and the energy budget.

Liquid iron chelate is immediately absorbed by the plant,
can be mixed with all fertilizers and is stable at all normal pH.

The iron-fertilizer; inter alia to use in iron deficiency.
-As a supplement to stimulate growth and flowering.

Maintenance dose: 1:1500 => (10 mm / l) 0.75 ml / liter
Moderate deficiency: 1:1000 => (15 mm / l) 1 ml / liter
Serious shortage: 1:500 => (30 mm / l) 2 ml / liter

A good fertilizer contains all the necessary nutrients in right proportion.
An overdose of iron will damage the plant but prevents the absorption of phosphate. So be careful when dispensing.

Fe contains 0.1% iron (0.05% Fe-DTPA and 0.05% Fe-EDDHA)



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