The Jungle, The Jackson Nemesis LED 200W


Grow smart and price efficient with The Jackson Nemesis LED lamp from The Jungle!

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The Jackson Nemesis LED 200W from The Jungle is a dimmable super efficient LED fixture that will give you a huge amount of light for your plants. It has a strength of 200W but gives your plants as much as 3 µM/J. It has a full spectrum and you can use it from vegetative and throughout the flowering phase. The Jackson Nemesis LED has a size of 60x30cm and we recommend that you have a space between your plants and the lights of 30-40cm in the vegetative phase and in the flowering phase 20-30cm. It has a long life of 60 000 burning hours and a 3 year warranty.
Covers a growing area of approximately 0.7m2

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