Sylvania GroLux, SHP-TS, HPS Bulb 600W


With this HPS Bulb from Sylvania GroLux you can use the light already from the growth period due to the extra blue light!

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The Sylvania GroLux SHP-TS suitable for growth and flowering thanks to 10% blue content in the light spectrum and 90% red/yellow. The broader spectrum of the Sylvania GroLux product line helps plants to achieve a more saturated green color and lusher growth. Whit its patented arc tube provides the highest photosynthetic efficiency. The bulb stimulates the plant to better assimilation of CO² for enhanced photosynthesis and provides better plant growth. The GroLux SHP-TS are ideal for gardeners growing plants with a short phase and who want to avoid using the MH bulbs.

Features & Specifications

* Works with both magnetic and electronic ballasts up to 600W
* E40 bulb holder
* Increased blue content
* Extremely high lumen output
* Lumen: 90 000lm

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