Sun System, RS 1850 Foldable LED 720W


Try this foldable 6 rail LED light that you can connect to Gavita e-series controller for optimal light control!

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The Sun System® Rail System 1850 LED is a foldable, 720W LED fixture with 6 rails of System-brand diodes that gives your plants full spectrum. You can use this LED that produces 1850 μmol/s with an efficiency of 2.5 μmol/j from growth to flowering, during the entire cycle.

You can choose to dim this fixture manually or connect it to one of the Gavita e-series controllers that are sold separately. With the controller you can control up to 500 fixtures at the same time. The RS 1850 operates at 120-277V, weighs 12kg, has a life length of 50,000 burning hours and a dimension of 110x100x8,5cm.

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