Spectromaster, CFL Dual Spectrum 300W


Save heat and energy costs with Spectromaster CFL Lamps!

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The Spectromaster Compact Fluo Lamp 300W Agro dual Spectrum is a low-consumption, high-powered compact fluorescent grow lamp (CFL). These grow lamps are great for the vegetative and bloom stage of a plant’s life and will help keep temperatures lower.


* Provides 2 separate temperature colors, 2100°K for the blooming stage and 6400°K for growing
* Generates low heat, uses low energy, and is incredibly effective
* Due to its energy-saving, the compact fluorescent helps reduce the overall operating costs of running an indoor garden
* No separate ballast is required for these lights. You just screw it into a standard E40 fitting (normal grow light lampholder) and run it directly through a mains plug
* You can place it closer to your plants due to the low heat which gives extra space in confined environments

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