Spectromaster, MH Bulb 600W


The 600W MH Bulb from Spectromaster is perfect in the vegetative phase!

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The Spectromaster MH 600W Grow Lamp is designed to stimulate and benefit the plants during the growth phase with their intense blue light. This lamp is perfect for plants that are not flowering or bearing fruit. The lamp has an E40 foot adapted for an E40 socket and is suited with a 600W ballast.

The recommended size of the surface when used is up to 120x120cm.


Power: 600 watts
Application: plant phase
Operating voltage: 230V
Light flux (100 h): 57,000
Photon flow PAR PPF (100 hours): 780 pmol/s
Color spectrum: 5000 Kelvin
Lamp current: 6.2 A
Start time: 5 min
Transition time (free burning): 2 min
Total length (max.): 340mm
Bulb diameter: 81mm
Lamp material: tempered glass
Socket: E40

Note: You must switch off the lamp for at least 15 minutes weekly. An E40 base and ballast are needed for the lamp to work correctly.

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