Secret Jardin, Dark Room 300W


Secret Jardin Dark Room 300W is perfect for growing indoors, it is easy to assemble and has smart functions!

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Secret Jardin Dark Room 300W is a medium/large size tent of 297x150x217cm which equals 9,7m3.

* Dimension: 297x150x217cm
* Weight: 42,9kg
* 2 x WEBIT150
* 2 x Support Kit for poles 25mm
* 2 x Connector 250mm
* Light Baffle
* 3 x Cable Flange 70mm
* 5 x Handling, supporting up to 25kg on each bar, 150cm
* 1 x pair of STRAPITT – Straps for filter
* 2 x pair of HOOKIT – Hooks for lighting
* 40 x CABLEIT – Clips for cables and nets
* POCKETIT – Tools pouch with adjustable height
* 2 x SPACE BOOSTER – To save place and support WebIT/WebTH
* PATCHIT – To repair your tent or replace the DF16
* Canvas with M400D Mylar
* Poles of 25mmx0,6mm
* Corners 7mm
* Removable Fibered Liner 380g/1m2
* Bottom & Bag made of PE600D


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