Royal Queen Wedding Gelato (USA) Feminized

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10 seeds package.

Wedding Gelato, a lovechild of Wedding Cake and Gelato strains, delivers potent and harmonious effects. Enjoy its creamy and sweet flavor with peppery notes. Balanced and euphoric, it’s perfect for an outdoor escape.

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Wedding Gelato is the enchanting result of a complex love affair between the Wedding Cake and Gelato strains, spiced up with a touch of Gelato 33 genetics. This strain’s harmonious lineage brings forth a remarkable blend of flavors, with its creamy, “sickly sweet” taste, complemented by earthy undertones, subtle lemons, mint, and vanilla notes that dance on the palate like a creamy glass of hot milk. With its nearly balanced hybrid composition, Wedding Gelato leans slightly toward the indica side but focuses its euphoric power on the mind. It starts with a rush of uplifting energy, swiftly washing away stress and worry before gently soothing the muscles, leaving you free to explore the great outdoors.

The buds of Wedding Gelato are potent and compact, like nuggets of concentrated power, adorned with vibrant orange hairs against a backdrop of dark green. While its yield is moderate, ranging around 350–400g/m², it more than compensates with its extraordinary flavor and high THC concentration, reaching 20–25%. Whether enjoyed throughout the day or savored during an uninterrupted afternoon, Wedding Gelato is the ideal companion for those seeking a potent and harmonious cannabis experience. Outdoors, it’s ready for harvest in early October, while indoor cultivation requires approximately 60 days of flowering time.

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