Royal Queen Shining Silver Haze Feminized


3 seeds package.

Shining Silver Haze, a blend of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights, boasts 21% THC, delivering a delightful, energizing high with its award-winning terpene-rich smoke and flavors.

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A product of decades of meticulous breeding, Shining Silver Haze embodies the quintessence of Haze genetics merged with the best traits of Skunk and Northern Lights. Originating from a meticulous breeding effort in the ’70s, this strain stands tall with its 21% THC potency, stunning terpene profile, and an invigorating high that uplifts and energizes.

Combining the legendary Haze with the classic Skunk varieties and Northern Lights resulted in the creation of the iconic Super Silver Haze, praised for capturing the best of both worlds—a Haze’s sweet taste and high combined with an indica’s shorter flowering period. Now, Royal Queen Seeds presents Shining Silver Haze, offering sativa enthusiasts a compact indoor height of around 100cm, while thriving outdoors to towering heights of up to 200cm. This strain flourishes with abundant light, vital for its optimal growth and development.

Expect generous yields with Shining Silver Haze feminized—reaping up to 600–650g/plant outdoors and 650g/m² under a 600W light, all within a relatively short flowering period of 9–11 weeks, a rarity among Haze varieties. The smoke of Shining Silver Haze is a sheer delight—delivering an instant head high and inducing a contemplative Haze effect. Its super sweet flavor tantalizes the taste buds, making each hit a pleasurable experience.

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