Royal Queen Royal Kush Auto Feminized

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Royal Kush Auto, a blend of OG Kush and Ruderalis, offers an easy-growing, pungently scented Kush variant in autoflowering form. Its compact yet slightly taller stature and quick flowering period make it an accessible choice for novice growers.

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Royal Kush Auto presents a convenient twist in the autoflowering array, infusing the reliable auto mix with a touch of Kush. A fusion of OG Kush and Ruderalis, this strain boasts the unmistakable scent of cured Kush buds, hinting at the forthcoming uplifting effects.

Incorporating Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush, Royal Kush Automatic offers a unique autoflowering experience. Exhibiting a slight Kush influence in its growth pattern, it maintains a compact stature, yet it stands taller than many other autoflowering strains, reaching heights of 60–90cm.

Cultivating Royal Kush Auto is a swift process, ready for harvest in just 8–9 weeks from seedling. During flowering, the plants emanate a robust, almost fruity aroma, intensifying post-drying and curing. While its buds may not be as dense as some autoflowering strains due to a lack of sativa influence, this indica-dominant variant yields up to 170g/plant in optimal outdoor settings. Additionally, all seeds are feminized, simplifying the growing process even further.

Characterized by a clear, uplifting high and physical effects, Royal Kush Auto provides a blend of happy sensations. This strain serves as an excellent introduction to Kush cultivation, especially suited for novice growers aiming to venture into Kush varieties.

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