Royal Queen Royal Jack Auto Feminized

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Royal Jack Auto, a tribute to cannabis activist Jack Herer, epitomizes his legacy in an autoflowering strain. A blend of Jack Herer and Ruderalis, this precocious cultivar delivers a flavorful, energizing experience in a compact, speedy format.

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Royal Jack Auto pays homage to the renowned cannabis advocate Jack Herer, named after the tireless author and legalization activist. This autoflowering gem, born from the fusion of Jack Herer and Ruderalis, embodies Herer’s legacy. He was a significant voice in the cannabis movement until his passing in 2010, celebrated for his work in The Emperor Wears No Clothes, also known as the Hemp Bible.

This strain is a testament to his dedication, presenting an autoflowering format that exudes the essence of Jack Herer’s iconic strain. Royal Jack Automatic encompasses the spirited qualities of its predecessor, offering a delightful blend of flavor and energizing effects. Its compact nature and accelerated growth make it an ideal choice for cultivators seeking a swift and rewarding cultivation experience that reflects Jack Herer’s enduring legacy in the cannabis world.

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