Royal Queen Royal Dwarf Auto Feminized

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Royal Dwarf, an 80% indica-dominant strain, thrives in discreet settings due to its compact size, perfect for indoor cultivation. This Easy Bud x Skunk hybrid matures in just 8-9 weeks, delivering a sweet, earthy flavor and a social, energizing effect, ideal for gatherings.

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Royal Dwarf from Royal Queen Seeds is a compact strain crafted for discretion, reaching heights between 0.4-0.7m indoors or outdoors. Its Easy Bud x Skunk lineage gifts it with a delightful sweetness and plenty of resin production, yielding up to 60g per plant. Indoors, it behaves akin to White Dwarf but withstands cooler temperatures, potentially acquiring a pinkish hue. With ideal conditions and Fast Food Organic, it can yield 300g/m² under 600w lights in just 8 weeks post-germination. Outdoors, ample root space and a steady feeding regimen lead to impressive, hefty buds.

This strain boasts an 80/20 indica to sativa ratio, offering a highly social, energetic high—a perfect companion for social gatherings. Its Skunk-inspired aroma and flavor dominate the smoking experience, leaving a lingering, invigorating impression in any space. Royal Dwarf flowers approximately 60 days after germination, providing an enticing combination of compact size, delectable taste, and an upbeat, social buzz.

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