Royal Queen Royal Creamatic Honey Cream Auto Feminized

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Royal Creamatic, the latest addition to our autoflowering lineup, delights with a sugary-caramel aroma and quick growth. With a compact size perfect for smaller spaces, she yields up to 15.9 oz/m² indoors and 5.8 oz outdoors. Ideal for evening use with a manageable 15% THC and medium CBD levels.

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Introducing Royal Creamatic, the newest gem in the Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering collection. We’ve harnessed the best ruderalis genetics and merged them with the renowned Honey Cream to create an autoflowering strain that dazzles with a sugary-caramel aroma. Drawing inspiration from the Spanish indica lineage of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino, Royal Creamatic encapsulates the essence of the original photoperiod strain while offering the convenience of swift growth.

Royal Creamatic is a medium-sized autoflowering feminized strain, ensuring that you cultivate only bud-producing female plants without any unwanted males hogging space. Typically, these plants develop a single substantial main bud with a few smaller side branches. Their compact stature, reaching a maximum height of around 2.3 – 3.3 feet, makes them an excellent choice for smaller indoor gardens and the sea of green (SOG) technique. Despite their size, Royal Creamatic can produce up to 15.9 oz/m² indoors and a satisfying 5.8 oz outdoors when treated with care. With a 12-13 week cultivation period from seed to harvest, this top-tier autoflowering variety boasts dense, resin-coated buds that deliver a delightful taste and a profoundly relaxing physical effect. Featuring a manageable 15% THC content and medium CBD levels, Royal Creamatic is the perfect choice for unwinding in the evening or on leisurely days.

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