Royal Queen Royal Bluematic aka Blueberry Auto Feminized

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Royal Bluematic, also known as Blueberry Auto, is a feminized autoflowering version of the renowned Blueberry strain. This strain is cherished worldwide for its sweet berry flavor and aroma. Royal Bluematic combines the best traits of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghan strains with efficient ruderalis genetics, resulting in an improved autoflowering hybrid. With refreshing blueberry flavors, respectable THC levels of up to 14%, and faster yields, Royal Bluematic offers a delightful and uplifting experience. It grows to an average height of 60-75cm and produces one substantial apical bud, with indoor yields reaching up to 475g/m² and outdoor yields up to 120g per plant.

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Royal Bluematic, also known as Blueberry Auto, is an autoflowering strain that offers a feminized version of the famous Blueberry strain. Blueberry is celebrated worldwide for its distinct sweet berry flavor and aroma, and now Royal Bluematic provides an autoflowering variety, giving growers even more options and faster Blueberry yields.

To create Royal Bluematic, the breeders carefully selected the finest traits from classic crosses of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghan strains. These exceptional genetic influences were then blended with efficient ruderalis genes, resulting in an improved autoflowering hybrid. Royal Bluematic retains the refreshing blueberry flavors that made the original Blueberry strain famous and boasts respectable THC levels of up to 14%.

When it comes to cultivation, Royal Bluematic is a gracious host suitable for both experienced growers and those new to cultivating cannabis. It doesn’t require much space to thrive, with most plants reaching an average height of 60-75cm. Like many autoflowering strains, Royal Bluematic tends to grow few side branches and focuses its energy on producing one substantial apical bud. This characteristic is advantageous as it contributes to the strain’s impressive yields. Indoors, growers can achieve yields of up to 475g/m², while outdoor cultivation can result in yields of up to 120g per plant.

In terms of flavor, aroma, and effects, Royal Bluematic lives up to its Blueberry heritage. Its soothing terpenes deliver a smooth and relaxing stoned effect. The flavor profile resembles that of Blue Mystic, with a sweet smell and refreshing blueberry taste. This new take on the beloved classic is more than just another Blue imposter; it offers an uplifting treat that you’ll want to cultivate, harvest, and enjoy throughout the year.

If you’re seeking an autoflowering strain with the iconic flavors and effects of Blueberry, Royal Bluematic is an excellent choice. Experience the sweet berry goodness, smooth relaxation, and faster yields that this strain brings. Embrace the versatility and delight of Royal Bluematic as you cultivate and savor its blueberry-infused delights.

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