Royal Queen Purple Punch Auto Feminized

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Purple Punch Auto by Royal Queen Seeds is an autoflowering version of the beloved Purple Punch strain. With mouth-watering candy flavors, potent effects, and the convenience of autoflowering genetics, this strain is a must-try. Enjoy the delightful combination of 75% indica, 20% sativa, and 5% ruderalis genetics in a compact and easy-to-grow package.

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Purple Punch Auto from Royal Queen Seeds is the autoflowering rendition of the renowned Purple Punch strain. This variant retains the mouth-watering candy flavors that made its photoperiod sister so popular while offering the added benefits of autoflowering genetics. By crossing Purple Punch with Old Skunk Auto, our breeders at RQS created an exceptional strain with a genetic makeup comprising 75% indica, 20% sativa, and 5% ruderalis.

As a high-quality autoflowering strain, Purple Punch Auto stands tall in terms of both potency and flavor. With a THC content of 19%, it delivers a powerful effect that leans predominantly towards physical relaxation, making it perfect for unwinding in the evening. The strain’s candy flavors are a delightful blend of berries and grapes, accompanied by tart and fresh notes, creating a highly enjoyable smoking experience.

Growing Purple Punch Automatic is a breeze, thanks to the robust and stable characteristics inherited from Old Skunk. This indica-dominant plant remains compact, rarely exceeding a height of 100cm indoors. When cultivated outdoors, it may grow slightly taller, reaching between 80cm and 120cm. This trait makes Purple Punch Auto an ideal choice for smaller spaces such as balconies or terraces. Once germinated, this strain wastes no time, boasting a short flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks. From seed to harvest, you can expect to collect the fruits of your labor in just 10 weeks. Indoor growers can anticipate yields of 350–400g/m², while outdoor cultivation can yield up to 150g per plant.

If you’re seeking a reliable autoflowering strain for your next grow season, Royal Queen Seeds’ Purple Punch Auto should be at the top of your list. Experience the delectable flavors, potent effects, and convenient growth of this remarkable strain.

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