Royal Queen North Thunderfuck Premium Feminized (USA)

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North Thunderfuck, also known as Alaskan Thunderfuck, is a powerhouse indica strain shrouded in mystery but celebrated for its intense lemon flavor and unparalleled high. Descendant of the Matanuska Thunderfuck Bx3, North Thunderfuck’s structure hints at the sheer potency of her euphoric effects, leaving stoners worldwide captivated with every hit.

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North Thunderfuck, often referred to as Alaskan Thunderfuck, finds its distinguished place among our premium USA genetics, delivering a powerful indica experience. Although the precise origins of this strain remain enigmatic, it is the relentless intensity of her high that has firmly embedded her in the hearts and minds of cannabis enthusiasts across the globe. With each inhalation, North Thunderfuck unfolds her intense lemony flavor, leading users into a euphoric daydream they won’t soon forget.

North Thunderfuck owes her imposing stature to her parent strain, Matanuska Thunderfuck Bx3. While the origins of this enigmatic cultivar may be a mystery, there’s no doubt about the formidable potency her modern genetics offer. The strain’s remarkable attributes extend to her growing requirements, making her a relatively straightforward choice for cultivators. Boasting the ability to thrive in colder climates and exhibiting moderate disease resistance, North Thunderfuck is particularly well-suited for outdoor cultivation, although indoor growers can expect equally resinous buds. Indoor yields can reach up to 500g/m², while outdoor plants typically produce between 500–550g per plant, with harvests anticipated around mid-October. The flowering time is approximately 65 days, a fleeting duration considering the generous yield that awaits.

The high provided by North Thunderfuck commences subtly, gaining momentum in both flavor and intensity with each inhalation. Her THC content, which can reach up to 23%, begins to seep through the body, accompanied by a delightful citrus aroma that envelops the senses, enticing users to indulge in its fragrant richness. The experience unfolds with a gentle tingling sensation that gradually intensifies, culminating in an all-encompassing euphoria that gently knocks you back into your seat and keeps you there for several hours. Waves of uplifting happiness wash over you as her earthy and piney undertones assert themselves, leaving you with a memorable, blissful encounter.

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