Royal Queen ICE Feminized

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ICE, short for Indica Crystal Extreme, is a magnificent hybrid born from Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk genetics. This strain is renowned for its resin-covered buds, making it an ideal choice for hash production. With dependable indica growth and a heavy, relaxing high, ICE is a true gem for those seeking a soothing experience.

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Indica Crystal Extreme, lovingly abbreviated as ICE, is the extraordinary offspring of a genetic tryst between three cannabis powerhouses: Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk. The culmination of these legendary strains has given rise to a cannabis cultivar known for its aptly named trait—a dazzling sheath of trichomes that blanket the flowers with icy magnificence. For hash enthusiasts, ICE stands as a prime source of raw material for creating some of the finest extracts. It’s a strain that embodies the fusion of iconic genetics, presenting a unique and highly desirable profile to growers and consumers alike.

ICE is firmly rooted in its indica-dominant growth characteristics, achieving a modest indoor height of around 100cm. Outdoors, it may extend up to 200cm when granted the freedom to flourish naturally. While ICE typically exhibits classic indica features, such as robust fan leaves, cultivators can stimulate lateral growth through techniques like pinching and topping, thus increasing the ultimate yield. Growers can anticipate a bountiful harvest, reaping about 500–550g/plant in outdoor settings and 400–450g/m² under the gentle embrace of a 600W light. ICE thrives in warm climates, making locations like Spain and California the perfect havens for its growth. Following a brief 8-week flowering period, ICE is ready for harvest; however, many growers opt to prolong the maturation process to approximately 10 weeks to maximize the resin content. Throughout the flowering phase, ICE transforms into a visual masterpiece, enchanting growers with its alluring aesthetics. Beyond its physical allure, ICE entices users with a smoke experience that befits its name.

A profound indica heritage delivers a wave of full-body relaxation, making it an ideal choice for evening indulgence. Its flavor profile offers harmonious notes of spice and earth, embellished by a subtle hint of mint. This fusion creates an overall soothing smoke experience, one that is bound to satisfy the senses. For connoisseurs of concentrates and extracts, ICE reigns supreme. Whether you prefer Ice-o-lator, ear wax, budder, or any other form of extraction, this strain is a surefire hit. ICE’s remarkable resin production positions it as the ultimate candidate for hash creation, ensuring that even the most discerning hash enthusiasts will be left delighted by the final product. Among Royal Queen Seeds’ selection, ICE stands out as the quintessential strain for hash production, embracing the essence of its name with unmatched magnificence.

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