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Haze Berry, also known as Blue Dream, is a beloved strain in California and medical marijuana communities. It’s a harmonious blend of classic Blueberry and uplifting Sativa-dominant Haze genetics, offering a sweet flavor and a balanced, energizing high. Despite its Indica characteristics, the plant grows tall with slender, Sativa-like leaves, and it’s admired for its quality yields and smooth, uplifting effects.

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Haze Berry, often referred to as Blue Dream, has achieved significant acclaim in California and among medical marijuana enthusiasts. This strain is the delightful result of crossing the iconic Blueberry with a Sativa-dominant Haze variety, offering a fusion of the best traits from both worlds. You can expect a sweet, flavorful experience coupled with a well-balanced, invigorating high.

While Haze Berry exhibits an Indica effect and flavor profile, its growth pattern mirrors that of a typical Sativa plant, characterized by its considerable height and slender, elongated leaves. Depending on environmental conditions, you might even notice hints of blue or purple in its foliage and buds. Its genetic lineage traces back to an original Blueberry plant from DJ Shorts, intertwined with a Super Silver Haze strain native to the Netherlands. This remarkable hybrid harmoniously combines the sweet, high-yielding attributes of Blueberry with the uplifting qualities of Haze, resulting in a strain that provides a predominantly Sativa, smoothly uplifting high that eventually transitions into a relaxing Indica stone. The taste primarily stems from the Blueberry genetics, although subtle notes of Haze can be detected in the buds. Haze Berry is celebrated among both medicinal and recreational users for its dependable, high-quality yields of cannabis.

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