Royal Queen Green Crack Punch Feminized

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Green Crack Punch, a vibrant hybrid of Green Crack and Purple Punch, offers an energizing high ideal for tackling daily tasks. With refreshing citrus and fruity aromas, it provides an uplifting mental boost before easing into physical relaxation. Perfect for enhancing productivity and motivation.

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Experience a supercharged day with Green Crack Punch, a spirited hybrid born from the marriage of Green Crack and Purple Punch. This sativa-dominant strain is your go-to companion for breaking free from the daily grind and staying focused on the tasks at hand. The unexpected fusion of indica-dominant Purple Punch and the high-energy Green Crack delivers Green Punch, a hybrid that first revives the mind before embracing the body with soothing comfort. It’s the ideal choice for those who crave a mental uplift before addressing physical fatigue.

Prepare for a day brimming with energy and motivation as Green Crack Punch uplifts your spirits and sharpens your focus. Its effects kick in rapidly, providing ample time for productivity before transitioning into a calming body buzz. The strain’s invigorating citrus aromas gradually unfold into delightful notes of grape and blueberry, and its exceptionally smooth smoke ensures a pleasant experience. Green Crack Punch is forgiving to growers, making it suitable for beginners with its manageable height of up to 78 inches. Boasting around 20% THC, it offers a solid level of potency that seasoned users will appreciate, although newcomers should tread carefully until they gauge their tolerance. This strain induces euphoria from the first hit to the last, keeping you motivated and clear-headed. With a short flowering time of 55–60 days, Green Crack Punch is ready for harvest, producing an impressive 15.9 – 17.6 oz/m² when cultivated indoors. Although it thrives indoors, it can also excel in outdoor settings, with harvests typically taking place in late September for those in favorable climates. Elevate your energy and productivity with Green Crack Punch.

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