Royal Queen Fat Banana Auto Feminized (USA)

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Fat Banana Auto, a quick-growing indica-dominant strain, offers a soothing high and delightful flavor for indica enthusiasts. Born from Fat Banana and Cookies Auto genetics, it’s perfect for those who value both taste and a fast flowering time.

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Fat Banana Auto is the ideal strain for anyone who appreciates the soothing effects of indicas and desires a fast-growing cultivar. Created by crossing Fat Banana with Cookies Auto genetics, this strain is an autoflowering version of the aromatic classic, Fat Banana. The original Fat Banana made a name for itself with its tropical fruit scent, high THC levels, and generous yields. To make this strain even more accessible and productive, our breeders conducted several generations of crossing the photoperiod variety, a descendant of Banana and OG Kush, with a ruderalis specimen, resulting in a fast and impressive indica auto.

The effects of Fat Banana Auto are predominantly indica, much like its predecessor. It delivers a profoundly relaxing and euphoric high that takes hold almost immediately, making it an excellent choice for evening relaxation. With a high THC level that distinguishes Fat Banana Auto from most other autos, users should be prepared for a few hours of couch-lock, making it less suitable for daytime use. Beyond its recreational appeal, the strain also offers medicinal potential, particularly in stress reduction and pain relief.

The original Fat Banana earned its name due to its bulbous, fruity buds that exude sweet and tropical aromas. Fat Banana Auto inherits these sugary scents and boasts flavors of banana, sweetness, and citrus fruit. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, Fat Banana Auto is a prolific producer, offering a substantial harvest in just 9-10 weeks from germination. Indoor growers can expect yields of up to 450g/m², with plants reaching a height of no more than 100cm. Outdoor plants may grow up to 120cm and provide a harvest of around 175g per plant. This speedy growth pattern makes Fat Banana Auto an excellent choice for those who prefer a quick turnaround from seed to harvest.

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