Royal Queen Fat Banana Premium Feminized (USA)

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Fat Banana, also known as Chiquita Banana, is a flavorful strain that results from selective breeding. With roots in Banana and OG Kush, it offers a sweet, fruity flavor and a potent experience, with THC levels reaching over 25%.

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Fat Banana, also referred to as Chiquita Banana, is the impressive outcome of a meticulous strain development process that focused on hybridizing the most robust and largest Banana OG specimens. Through this selective breeding, Royal Queen Seeds can now offer a top-tier strain that stands out for its superb flavor and high cannabinoid content.

The genetic heritage of Fat Banana traces back to the fusion of OG Kush and Chiquita Banana, resulting in a strain with remarkable potency. When cultivated by an experienced hand, the THC content in Fat Banana’s buds can reach an impressive 25% or even higher, making it a remarkable option for connoisseurs and growers looking for a truly unique addition to their collection.

In terms of growth, Fat Banana typically yields an average of 350-400 g/m² when grown under a 600W light, with a flowering period of approximately 8-10 weeks indoors. This indica-dominant hybrid can develop a substantial, elongated main cola if not trained, giving it the characteristic of a “stretch indica.” Outdoors in warmer climates, Fat Banana can transform into substantial bushes that may require support and are usually ready for harvest by mid-September. The reward for properly tending to these plants is a bountiful stash of chunky nuggets with a THC content exceeding 25% and a delightful sweet, fruity, and banana-like aroma.

When it comes to the effects, Fat Banana surprises with its initial mild euphoric sensations and a mouthwatering sweet, fruity flavor that could lead one to underestimate its potency. However, it is a powerful strain. It delivers a physically stoned sensation that will gradually intensify, resulting in an incredibly relaxing experience. Users should prepare for the munchies, as this strain is a journey to the land of delightful flavors that begins and ends on the couch.

In terms of flavor, Fat Banana offers a sweet taste with subtle hints of citrus, and its aroma is redolent of its namesake, making it a delightful olfactory experience. With its rich flavor profile and potent effects, Fat Banana has earned a place in the hearts of many cannabis enthusiasts.

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