Royal Queen Easy Bud Auto Feminized

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10 seeds package.

Easy Bud, a White Indica x Ruderalis cross, is perfect for novice growers. With its compact size and rapid growth, it delivers respectable yields and a mellow evening high. Effortlessly cultivate this strain and enjoy its simplicity.

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Meet Easy Bud, a strain tailor-made for those new to cannabis cultivation. This autoflowering marvel is the result of a White Indica x Ruderalis cross and carries all the ease you’d expect. Whether you choose to grow it indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, or even on your windowsill, Easy Bud adapts without fuss. Standing at a squat 1.6 – 2 feet indoors, it’s an excellent choice for discreet growing. In a mere 9–10 weeks post-germination, you’ll harvest bountiful yields, up to 11.5 oz/m² indoors and up to 2.8 oz outdoors.

Once you’ve reaped your rewards, savor Easy Bud’s subtly sweet lemon flavors. With a mild THC content of 12%, this strain offers a relaxed evening high without overwhelming psychoactivity. Sometimes, simplicity is the key to a successful cannabis harvest, and Easy Bud delivers just that – an easygoing, rewarding experience for growers of all levels.

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