Royal Queen Critical Feminized

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Critical, also known as Critical Mass, is the ultimate cash crop for growers seeking a perfectly balanced strain. This indica-dominant plant, a progeny of Afghani and Skunk, combines high yields, a short flowering period, and excellent smoke quality. With compact size and short internode spacing, Critical is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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When selecting a strain for cultivation, growers often consider various factors such as potency, yield, flavor, ease of growth, and suitability to the climate. Critical, also known as Critical Mass, is a cannabis plant that strives to strike a perfect balance by combining all these features, resulting in the ultimate cash crop that delivers large yields, a short flowering period, and exceptional smoke quality. Designed with the “cash-crop” grower in mind, Critical guarantees to meet and exceed expectations.

This indica-dominant strain inherits its robust genetics from its stoning parents, Afghani and Skunk. Critical maintains a compact stature, rarely exceeding 100cm in height, and features short internode spacing that ultimately fills with buds. These characteristics contribute to its high-yielding nature, making it an ideal choice for growers with limited space and those who prefer a more discreet cultivation approach.

When grown indoors, Critical typically yields an average of 65-75 grams per plant, but under a 600W light, it can easily produce a bountiful harvest of up to 600 grams per square meter. Outdoors, this strain thrives in warmer climates like those found in Spain, Italy, or California, where it can yield over 600 grams per plant. While Critical can be cultivated in more northern latitudes, its full potential is realized indoors due to its relatively short flowering time.

Critical Feminized from Royal Queen Seeds boasts a remarkably short flowering period, making it suitable for growers with tight schedules. This strain is highly favored by commercial growers engaged in sea/screen of green operations, as it delivers substantial yields with minimal maintenance. However, Critical isn’t just about impressive yields; it also offers a powerful and relaxing smoking experience. The stone it provides is a delightful descent into a state of calm and relaxation, ensuring that the excellent yield is complemented by a superb smoking experience. Critical truly brings together the best of all worlds, making it the ultimate choice for cultivators and connoisseurs alike.

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