Royal Queen Cookies Gelato AUTO Feminized

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Cookies Gelato, a powerful hybrid, is the offspring of legendary strains Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. With a staggering THC level of 28%, this strain offers an intense, almost psychedelic high. A sweet and sugary aroma accompanies its impressive productivity.

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Cookies Gelato, a potent hybrid, is the result of a union between two legendary cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. It inherits its extraordinary potency from these influential parent strains, boasting a staggering THC level of 28%. A quick glance at the trichome-covered buds reveals their formidable strength, providing an immediate high that can be overwhelming for beginners. The hybrid nature of Cookies Gelato combines both indica and sativa genetics, resulting in a balanced high that affects both the body and mind. The cerebral high induces a rush of euphoria and a philosophical perspective, delivering an almost psychedelic experience. Simultaneously, the body high adds a relaxing touch to the overall effect.

Apart from its potency, Cookies Gelato is also celebrated for its captivating aroma and flavor. The shimmering, resin-covered buds release an enticing scent of sugary sweetness, and these delightful tones carry through to the taste. When it comes to cultivation, this strain doesn’t disappoint. With an indoor flowering time of 8–10 weeks, it yields approximately 600g/m², and growers can further enhance yields through training techniques like LST (low-stress training). For those who seek a powerful and productive strain with a sweet and sugary twist, Cookies Gelato is a top choice that exemplifies the best qualities of its legendary parent strains.

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