Royal Queen Blue Mystic Feminized

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Blue Mystic, an offspring of Oregon Blueberry and Northern Light, is an Indica-dominant strain with a compact, bushy growth pattern. Perfect for Mediterranean climates, it’s ideal for growers who want to maximize yield by bushing the plant sideways. With a vibrant, sweet fruit flavor, this strain can be harvested in 8-10 weeks, offering a potent Indica stone that leaves users physically relaxed.

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Blue Mystic’s origins can be traced back to the fertile mountains and hills of Oregon and California, where a group of connoisseur cannabis breeders tirelessly worked on creating new strains. Their dedication eventually laid the foundations for the North American marijuana varieties we enjoy today.

Blue Mystic, born from the California/Oregon genetic fusion, emerged from the crossbreeding of the delectable Blueberry and the iconic Northern Light. As an Indica-dominant plant, it features a short-stacked, almost bonsai-like growth pattern with minimal stretching. While it can reach just over 1 meter in height, experienced growers may opt to pinch or top the plant to encourage a bushier structure.

The group of breeders in the West Coast mountains and hills, which included a legendary breeder, undertook the meticulous work of crossing various Thailand races, Thai hybrids, and an Afghan strain dating back to the 1980s. This extensive selection and breeding process led to the creation of one of today’s most celebrated cannabis varieties, Blueberry.

Blue Mystic thrives in Mediterranean climates, where the warmth of regions like California is crucial for its growth. It’s not well-suited for Northern European climates. To maximize yield, experts recommend training the plant sideways, which offsets its limited vertical growth. Additionally, extending the vegetative stage by a week beyond the norm can enhance yields. Indoors, the plant typically yields 55-65g per plant or about 400-500g per square meter under a 600w light.

Blue Mystic Feminized is usually ready for harvest after 8 weeks, offering a sweet, fruity taste with hints of fresh fruit. Extending the flowering period up to 10 weeks may result in a heavier body stone effect, although it may slightly diminish the flavor. As a best practice, drying the plants before manicuring the buds is highly recommended, especially for Blue Mystic, as it helps bring out the strain’s full flavor.

The flavor profile of Blue Mystic is characterized by its sweet and refreshing notes, reminiscent of drinking fruit juice. This intense flavor experience is complemented by a profoundly potent Indica stone that leaves users in a state of physical relaxation, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a soothing, full-bodied effect.

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