Royal Queen Blue Cheese Auto Feminized

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Blue Cheese Auto, the result of five years of breeding and careful selection, is a feminized, autoflowering seed born from the fusion of Blueberry Auto and Cheese Auto. This flexible indoor/outdoor plant offers impressive yields, exceptional flavor, and a balanced, relaxing high. With a short growing season, it’s ideal for chilly outdoor settings, providing heavy, high-THC buds.

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Blue Cheese Auto, the offspring of Blueberry Auto and Cheese Auto, represents the culmination of five years of meticulous breeding and selection. This feminized, autoflowering strain boasts superior yield, flavor, and effects compared to its distinguished parent strains.

Blue Cheese Auto adapts effortlessly to various growing environments, thriving in temperate, sunny settings due to its Blueberry, Cheese, and ruderalis heritage. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for discreet balcony, terrace, or stealthy cultivation. While it may develop purple hues if exposed to cold nights before harvest, its early maturation typically avoids this. Indoor growers can anticipate yields of 325–375g/m², while outdoor cultivation yields 60–110g/plant. The buds, heavy and compact, glisten with abundant sticky resin.

For outdoor growers, Blue Cheese Auto thrives in the sunlight, making mid-May to early June the ideal planting time. Enhance the soil mix with 30% coco for improved aeration, root growth, and plant development. This autoflowering strain benefits from consistent, small-scale watering and ample exposure to quality light. As a grower-friendly seed, it demands no special care and presents a straightforward cultivation process.

A 10-week harvest window awaits growers. Blue Cheese Auto flowers for approximately seven to eight weeks and is ready for harvest around ten weeks, enabling outdoor cultivators to collect their yields before the onset of nighttime freezing temperatures. Despite its small stature, the mature plant is laden with THC-rich buds.

While the plant’s specifications are appealing, it’s the gourmet aroma and taste that truly set Blue Cheese Auto apart. The strain harmoniously combines the best traits of its parent plants, resulting in highly aromatic buds that emit a strong, sweet, fruity scent with a skunky undertone reminiscent of classic cannabis varieties. The taste profile consists of berry and spice notes with a creamy cheese aftertaste. Boasting high THC levels and low CBD content, its smoke is rich, aromatic, and devoid of dryness. The abundance of resin and THC content makes it a favorite among hash enthusiasts.

The flavor, aroma, and effects of Blue Cheese Auto offer a delightful experience. Users report a relaxed, uplifting high with profound tranquility. Often described as cerebral or cosmic for its effects on creativity and cognition, it’s perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying in social settings. Blue Cheese Auto represents an award-winning, grower’s delight, with its rich Cheesy flavor and adaptability to diverse growing conditions. Its dazzling, high-THC buds consistently win favor among cannabis connoisseurs, making it a rewarding choice for marijuana enthusiasts.

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