Mammoth, Pro+ HC 300


Try this large, high quality professional grow tent from Mammoth, this tent also has extra tall height of 225cm!

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The Mammoth Pro+ HC is suitable for indoor growing. The Pro+ HC series offers a raised ceiling with extra space of 225cm and more robust construction. Made of excellent reflectivity of the Mylar 600D, the tent comes two-layer casing resistant to tearing and damage. The Mammoth Pro+ comes with a metal frame with plastic corners and is equipped with practical accessories for hanging lighting and air conditioning. It includes an air intake for the pistons and the introducers and net surfaces directed to the natural ventilation.

Size: 300x300x225 cm
Growing area: 9 m2
Growing space: 20.25 m3
Wiring hole: 3x 76 mm
Inlet / outlet: 4x 305 mm / 4x 305 mm
Ventilation window: 2x 300×200 mm
Check: 2x front door, 1x rear door, 2x side door
Hangers: 16x
Hooks: 15x
Strap: 4x
Recommended lighting: 9x 600W HPS, MH, DE

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