Mammoth, Elite G1


Try the special coorperation grow tents between Mammoth and Gavita!

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The Mammoth G1 results from a work from Mammoth with Gavita Holland both developed a grow tent specially prepared to install 1ps Gavita Pro 1000W light. The G1 is lined in highly reflective Mylar fabric. Once closed, it forms a totally light proof, waterproof, and easily accessible structure as it can be opened on the sides through windows. This means that you can reach the plants without difficulties. It has several entrances for ventilation with a double sleeve. The tubes are 22mm steel and are comfortably assembled into the highest quality PA66 polyamide corners. It also incorporates a waterproof, removable, and washable irrigation tray, very easy to clean between crops of excess irrigation water.

size 180x110x215 cm
Volume 4.26 m3
600D Mylar reflective material
Number of doors 2 front
3 ventilation windows
Removable water tray
Cable entries 6 of 76mm
Intraction input 2 of 275mm
Extraction outlet 2 of 275mm
22mm steel tubes 0.7mm thick
PP copolymer corners
Includes 6 hangers, 5 hooks and 2 fastening straps

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